Excess Paint
custom fabrication and airbrushing
Custom Bikes

We are proud to have teamed up with the top bike builders in the world  to produce the highest quality and baddest choppers on the market today.  The cutting edge designs of todays builders along with the Excess Paint perfection will surely stand out at any bike show.  A custom painted Harley or custom will definitely turn heads anywhere you go.  We take raw choppers from bare metal and transform them into works of art.  We also fabricate custom frames,  swinarms, sheet metal, fiberglass, and anything else your imagination can come up with.


Step 1

We mock up everything to be sure everything fits properly, and to check the clearance of gaps for paint allowance so that nothing is rubbing when it's built.  If anything is not fitting properly or needs more clearance, it is fixed at this point.  We also do fabrication and custom work if it is requested or needed at this point and get everything ready for the next step.


Step 2

We smooth out all welds on the frame, oil tank, swing arm, motor mounts, rear fender, front fender, gas tank, etc.  The fenders and  tanks are also smoothed out to perfection to provide an perfectly smooth and even surface to paint on.  The tank openings are smoothed out for flush mount gas caps and around openings for connections to give it the clean show quality look we are famous for.  No weld or imperfection gets past this point until it is nice and clean.  Tanks are also sealed with the Kreen tank lining system to prevent rust and leaking in the future. 


Step 3

All parts are primered using PPG's top of the line primer system.  They are then wet sanded to a flawless finish and prepped for paint.


Step 4

The basecoat is layed down using PPG or House of Kolor.  We only use the best quality paints in our shop to provide the customer with long lasting top notch finishes.  The basecoat and graphics are sealed in with 2-3 coats of clear, and wet sanded smooth to get out any orange peel and imperfections.  This gives us a nice smooth surface for airbrushing the artwork on and keeps the basecoat protected during the process. 


Step 5

The graphics are now masked off, artwork is airbrushed on, and the magic begins.  Each paintjob has a different process at this point, but the results are always the same, flawless artwork is the only thing that makes it to the next step.


Step 6

Now every piece is gone over to be sure there are no flaws before the final coats of clear are layed down.  Everything is then cleared with 2-3 coats, wet sanded down and cleared again with 2 flow coats for a deeper finish.  The final coat is wet sanded, buffed, and polished to a show winning shine.  The paintjob now looks like it's under a piece of glass, and is ready to win bike shows.




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